Sales terms and conditions

Last update: 4/22/2022

  1. This sale is a cash sale and is payable in money or by etransfer. If, upon
    delivery, any balance should remain due then this balance shall be paid

    in money or by e
    transfer. Should these terms of payment not be fully
    respected, the purchaser
    acknowledges that the seller shall not be
    to deliver the merchandise.
  2. A down payment of the delivery fee must be made by the customer with
    respect to a
    ny purchase or order. The seller will provide free storage for
    period of 2 months for goods which have been purchased. If a longer
    is required, the amount of contract must be paid in full. The
    total storage
    time must not exceed 5 months.
  3. The seller shall not be liable for any delay in the delivery of merchandise
    The purchaser acknowledges hereby that the manufacturer only
    be held liable if there is a delay in the delivery of the merchandise
    ordered and which is in excess of any
    normally foreseeable delay.
  4. To guarantee the lowest prices, the delivery service offered at thetime
    purchase is a onetime delivery. The delivery will be billedfor any
    travel regardless of the reason, cause or responsibility.
  5. If the product to be purchased cannotbe delivered due to lack of space,
    the seller will not be re
    sponsible for this and no refund will be given.
  6. The customer accepts that any promotion offered at the time of purchase
    shall be applied to the transaction.
    No promotion may be added to
  7. n the case of the sale of merchandise to be assembled or installed, the
    purchaser acknowledges that the sale’s price does not include any
    or installation.
  8. The purchaser acknowledges that he is responsible for taking the
    measurement and
    the precise dimensions of the merchandise that
    intends to purchase and no measurement error shall be attributable
    the seller. The purchaser acknowledges that the items ordered by
    conform to the description in this order.
  9. The buyer has 48 hours to report any problems with the goods to at
    delivery and provide photos and a brief description. All sales are final.
    No refunds will be given, in accordance with the company’s refund
    After 48 hours, themanufacturer’s warranty applies.
  10. The buyer must notify the seller 48 hours before the agreed delivery date
    he cannot be present, unable to pay or any other reason, which
    delivery or payment o f the goods.
  11. No cancellation, no exchange or return of the merchandise shall be
    permitted. The
    seller shall have the right to claim from the purchaser
    amount equivalent to the loss suffered.
  12. The merchandise described is subject to the manufacturers warranty
    (1 year on manufacturing defect)
    . The manufacturer reserves the right
    to replace or repair any damaged merchandise, whichever is more

    . We offer a limited warranty of one year on the parts we
    sell. Please take note of the points below:

    * It is natural for the chimney, door and dome of the oven to

    discolour due to the high temperature generated by the fire. This

    does not affect the quality of the product. Ceramic tiles breakage

    is normal in all traditional woodfired ovens and this not mean a

    manufacturing defect.
  13. We reserve the right to request clear photos of the damage. We reserve
    the right to refuse a warranty claim when we believe that the damage

    clearly resulted from an accident, misuse or handling or normal use of

    the item.